Amazing What People Respond–And Don’t–To

Oh, Michal.

Writing about someone for over five years can be exhausting and painful. You search for facts but also need to know others’ perspectives. It opens my eyes when people have different views which makes me consider my material. Over five years, I’ve attempted to contact different kinds of people with a variety of opinions.

The people who have a generally positive view of Michal have thoughtful insights—sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t, but I like hearing from them just the same.

Then there are those who take a negative approach to define her character…

Let me tell you about these people. They might include her in an anthology. Or a book on marriage. Sometimes to make a better story, they smear her name. I try to reach out regardless to know how they came to certain conclusions. Perhaps they don’t actually consider her overall story. Correction: they don’t at all. Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from these people. Not one single response from them in my five years of research and writing about the Israelite princess.

If one Anti-Michal contacts me, I will put blue streaks in my hair this summer. Maybe red. I’ll leave it up to my readers. I will definitely post it.

Now I know Michal is not alive but I am still very protective of her and want to take the hair dye an extra step further. If an Anti-Michal says “I’m sorry,” I’ll also take a reader to a steak dinner.

3 thoughts on “Amazing What People Respond–And Don’t–To”

  1. Anti Michal writers may have a commonality: They lack empathy and are unable to feel another’s pain based on their circumstances. This absence may also prevent them from feeling that their opinion could be in the wrong thereby owing an apology. Thus, may not NEED the red or blue hair dye but can I take you up on the steak dinner? We can bash Michal dissenters all evening!!

  2. You bet! And we can hopefully bash over a good book;) If you’re in town, shoot me a text. When I visit I’ll be sure to contact you! It will be my honor to take my most faithful reader.

  3. And thank you so much for supporting Michal. I agree with your thoughts.
    I find it interesting that not a single person who has expressed their negative thoughts has responded. So interesting.

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