Heroines in the Star Wars Movies Resemble Real Life

Have you seen the Rogue One trailer yet? It’s intense. What’s another first impression—another girl?

Darn right another girl. The Star Wars thing is reflective on current affairs and wars that have left long lasting effects. Darth Vader’s captains and guards from the original Star Wars resemble Nazis. George Lucas also made the Nazis the bad guys in the Indiana Jones movie.

The last few decades many are fighting against terrorism. Many people have to leave their homes, defend themselves, and are without family. The Force Awakens seems to touch on that. When I saw the preview for Rogue One, I couldn’t believe how the movie seems to parallel with reality—particularly when it comes to women soldiers.

Perhaps the filmmakers didn’t have a specific group in mind, but I thought of the Kurdish women soldiers. How they’re going up against ISIS. A big motivation for them is that ISIS is afraid of being killed by a woman. ISIS believes that if a woman kills them, they’ll go to hell.

The world is full of brave people—women included. You can’t win a war without them.

More informations on Kurdish female soldiers:

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