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Further Views of Catherine of Braganza

I know that there are those who don’t share my favorable views of prominent women I post about. I am also well aware that Catherine of Braganza herself has haters.

To some, Catherine is responsible for the slave trade due to her dowry she brought with her marriage to Charles II and England. This is a serious issue we need to consider.

Catherine’s parents took risks in order to prevent Portugal from crumbling. Catherine was a woman in her early twenties when she found out she was going to marry the king of England in exchange for protection against foreign threats.  This case is hard to judge because a country’s princess acted out of duty . She was a good queen and wife to Charles, but made comments that she didn’t look at the marriage as favorable towards her.

She was tied in a tough spot (like most of her life). Catherine did what was in her power to save people and individuals. Sometimes she succeeded and sometimes she didn’t. In a book about the Popish Plot, it talked about how she stepped in for individuals but at the same time, the queen couldn’t save everybody.

Catherine’s life and the events surrounding it were so complex. I don’t see her as responsible for the trade.