Michal: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Call her a pawn but could Michal wanted to go back to David? Conflicts have arisen about this since she spent more time with Patil than with David. Or some say she really wanted to go back—others go beyond that and say she just wanted to go to be associated with the king.

It was unsafe to be rescued or escape. Not just for her ad David, but for others. Did she soften hearts or was hers hardened with she was with those who probably despised David? Did she keep some people from chasing after him? To answer that last question, yes. Yes she did by staying.

There was too much bloodshed in her country already. After he father and three of her brothers were killed, Saul’s house and David’s house engaged in a long war—what was the expected outcome? Land? To get loyal subjects? Included in the winner’s package was Michal. Have we ever realized that part of this war was fought for her? She was used as a pawn and bait.  She was a girl worth fighting for.

She was a very valuable pawn but maybe a little more powerful than we think. But how do you really stop of war?

David proved to have more advantages as the war with Saul’s house continued. (2 Samuel 3:1) He was the one who declared he wanted Michal back. (2 Samuel 3:14) And she went. It wasn’t a simple walk though. She stilled had security guards—most notably her husband, Phaltiel (2 Samuel 3:16)

I assume that spending so much time with the Benjaminites made her care more for them. Whatever she felt about Patil, her strong connection with the other Benjaminites mattered. Too many kin and members of her tribe were dead. Israelites who weren’t part of either Benjamin or Judah were suffering from the two tribes’ conflicts.

When Michal was offered to go back with David, she accepted. It’s very possible she might have fought against it. Was she physically forced? I’m not saying she went back willingly, but it was a duty she completed for the sake of a nation. She was a peace offering but had little peace herself.

There’s a void of what happened between Ish-bosheth’s death and Israel accepting David as king but it would be interesting to know how David succeeded. Swords, arrows, alliances, and good advisors helped but who really brought the civil war to a close? With her hard work, smart moves, and sacrifice, Michal was the woman who put David on the throne.

Matthew 5: 9
2 Samuel 3

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  1. As I read your comments on various women the same question continues to arise in the back if my mind: Why is being a woman always so full of heartache? We basically want love- to give and receive love, fully, simply, and without fanfare and trials. We WANT to bring love and happiness to all those in our circle but there are constant setbacks, trials, and down right selfishness brought on by those we love. Michal is a perfect example of womanhood- courageous, dedicated, loving, unselfish and willing to take more than she ever thought her broken heart could endure. To be a loving woman seems like a simple dream but it is a lifetime of giving, serving, forgiving, and doing whatever it takes – to be rewarded with the hope of loving smile, a simple thank you is enough to motivate us to press on. It may seem harsh, but experience has shown us, there is no greater joy then to love another completely. No wonder our Father in Heaven feels unspeakable joy in us…
    Thank- you for your insight on Michal which caused me to reflect and ponder the blessings of womanhood.

    1. I agree! Thank you for your comments about womanhood. I hope Michal and other women feel Heavenly Father’s love. I also hope that more will keep this in mind when looking at all women’s stories.

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